Saturday 19 January 2019

A Finn after all? New information on the genetics of the Janakkala swordsman

The grave of the so called Janakkala swordsman, containing two swords, was found by metal detectorists in the autumn of 2013 . The grave has since been dated to the 14th century. Genetic research has revealed interesting information about the man and his genetic heritage.

The skull of the "Janakkala swordsman". Suomen Kuvalehti 27.12.2015.

The genetic heritage of the Janakkala swordsman is much like that of Finns today. According to osteoarchaeology professor Jan Storå from the university of Stockholm it is more probable that the man was from the area modern day Finland than that he was a warrior from some other European country.

The swords. Photo Simo Vanhatalo (Museovirasto).

According to Storå 30% of todays Finns belong to the same motherline as the swordsman (3% from the fatherline). According to Storå comparing genetic material from the 14th century to that of modern Finns is difficut because due to the lack of comparative material from other graves from the 14th century. 

The text above is a free translation of the article in "Karjalainen". Read the complete article (in Finnish) by clicking on the link below.

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