Sunday, 7 October 2018

Surveying Karis (Raseborg) 5-7.10.2018

This was probably the last days of fieldwork done by us in S. Finland. The weather was excellent (again) and the team functioned like clockwork. Everybody enjoyed themselves and that clearly showed up in the results too.

The colours of "Ruska".

We surveyed in two areas, avoiding the traditional approach of just looking at areas were the soil had been disturbed by building activity or forestry.

Surveying in the woods.

The approach made work quite slow and put a strain on the participants "swinging the shovel" but nobody complained. Picking wondeful forest mushrooms made our work even more enjoyable.

Delicious forest mushrooms <3

The results speak for themselves. Although we only spent some nine hours in thefield we managed to inspect and find new prehistoric sites among them one neolithic stone-age site that probably will rank as one of the largest in the region.

 Fragment of a whetstone.

Late neolithic rimsherd.

Late neolithic potsherds of so called Uskela type (Ka III:1)

We hope to be able to make trial excavations here already in the spring of 2019! See you in Karis :)

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