Wednesday 3 October 2018

Impressions from the late stone-age/early bronze age dig at Ölmosviken

Winter is closing in on us archaeologists here in Finland but there is still time for some serious fieldwork up here "on the top of the world".

Rescue excavation of the eroding part of the dwelling site at Ölmosviken.

We are now back from a short but very sweet dig of a late neolithic early bronze-age dwelling site area at Kimitoön i SW Finland.

Ölmosviken, settlement site IV.

Unil now this intriguing site was only a spot on a map but after this years trial excavations we are suddenly confronted with a large well preserved, late stone-age settlement.

                                                                            Ölmosviken, settlement site III.

The settlement area covers over 600 meters in length and 30 meters in width comprising of at least 5 different clusters of late stone-age or early bronze age settlements or more likely individual houses. The finds are mostly of stone-age character.

 Stone chisel.

Kiukais culture potsherd in situ.

Burnt seal bones.

Kiukais culture potsherds.

We will continue trial excavations here in late 2019 with a large scale (Scandinavian) excavation planned for 2020.

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