Monday 10 September 2018

Surveying and mapping WW2 war graves in Hanko S Finland 10.9.2018.

There was still a vivid air of summer around us today when we ventured on our first scientific fieldtrip in search of forgotten or lost WW2 war graves from the battles of Hanko front (25.6.-2.12.1941).

Clear skies above a dark heritage.

The day was successful albeit (of course) a sad one. We discovered and documented  at least six previously unknown graves dating to the Second World War and will continue our research in this particular location in the early spring of 2019. All of the fallen soldiers (including their material remains) fom the gravepit will recieve a proper burial after recovery.

The outlines of a grave are clearly visble after the removal of the topsoil and the uppermost excavation layers..

We will use every scientific method available to try to find out as much as possible, including the fates and identities of  these unknown soldiers during the years to come. We are working according to very strict ethic guidelines and will not give out detailed pictures of the recovery of the fallen.

Archaeology students measuring and mapping the WW2 graves.

Todays groundbreaking work was done in close co-opreation with Hanko Museum, "Sotavainajien muiston vaalimisyhdistys ry",  the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Finland, a small group of archaeology students from Finland (University of Oulu) and Sweden (Umeå Universitet) and with permission and help from locals and local landowners.

As a sign of respect for the fallen and their relatives there will be no other media coverage on this issue.

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