Tuesday 4 September 2018

Community archaeology dig planned for June 2019 in Espoo!

From the early the 1990´s  until 2006  I supervised several large scale community archaeology excavations on exciting stone-age dwelling sites in Espoo. Next summer me and MA Janne Soisalo will try to continue the work in co-operation with local educational institutions.

From the excavationin in Lill-Ingåla in 2006. 
Photo: Tryggve Gestrin-Espoo City Museum

The excavation, that will probably be immensely popular, is planned to take place in June 2019 (the exact days will be decided later). If you are interested in participating here it is therefore necessary to send a preliminary letter of interest to jfarchaeology@gmail.com as soon as possible! Please also make suggestions of dates (in June) when you would prefer to participate.

A stone-age (ritual) mace head (KM 2611:1) in the shape of a bears head found in Espoo. 
Photo: National Board of Antiquities-Musketti

No previous knowledge of archaeology is necessary. The excavation is suitable for all ages and especially families. A maximum of 20 participants are allowed to participate per day!

Link to the excavation report Esbo Bolarskog III (J. Fast 2002). This excavation was also financed by Esbo Arbetarinstitut.

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