Sunday, 9 July 2017

Welcome to join the Ölmosviken late stone-age/early bronze age settlement site excavation 21-27.8.2017 (Monday to Sunday)!

Neolithic flint sickle blade (from nearby Perniö). Photo NBA.

You are now invited to join us in the excavation of this very promising dwelling site from ca 2300-1500 BC. No previous knowledge of archaeology is required! Please sen email to if you wish to particapate for one or more days. The excavation is organised by Kimitoöns Vuxeninstitut.

Potsherds attributable to the so called "Kiukais Culture" have been discovered at the site in 2011. Photo NBA.

The site is situated in SW Finland on Kimitoön near Dragsfjärd. Part nature reserve the area is both scenic an rich in animal life. There are many prehistoric sites here too! The dwelling site was found by locals in 2011 but no previous excavations has been carried out until now!

Sites with finds from the "Kiukais Culture" in Finland.

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