Wednesday 5 July 2017

"Durchgangslager Hangö". Day 8/15 of the 2017 excavation season.

Once again a very hectic day  at the excavations. Archaeology student Anu Varjo finished her work on documenting the German barracks for her MA degree while the rest of us dug three separate excavation areas simultaneously. Lots of small fins today two plus the traditional bottles and food ration cans .

My trustworthy companion since 1990 an "Old school" levelling instrument.

Todays finds included many gaming pieces, many combs, medic realated items, many different types of shaving mirrors and of course lots and lots of uniform realated items.

 Part of a "Heer" cap cockade from "Schirmmütze"

 Ornate ring.

 "Eismeerfront" badge (Kirkenes-Petsamo-Murmansk)

 A dice.

 A pair of broken eye or sunglasses.

 Ornate comb.

Tooth implant.

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