Tuesday 21 February 2017

"Durchgangslager Hangö 1942-1944" midterm report. The archaeology of civilian and military encounters in Hanko 1942-1944.

Since the beginning of the scientific research project in 2014 I have been conducting interviews with locals in Hanko, S. Finland, who remember, or interacted with German soldiers or the WW2German transition  camp on Cape Tulliniemi 1942-1944.

As a result of the tens of interviews I have been able to locate and draw up a map of the encounters (with the according histories) between German soldiers and civilians in Hanko 1942-1944.

The map will hopefully be accompanied by archaeological finds as we venture on archaeological digs in the areas of encounter in 2017.

Still testing the limits of archaeology in rediscovering  local WW2 history in Hanko, S. Finland :)

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