Wednesday 8 February 2017

Cleaning the first bones from Deutsches Lager Hanko and more...

I´ve postponed the work with cleaning the osteological material for a couple of weeks now. Until today I have just been trying to get a good picture about how much material there is for an osteological analysis.

Cleaned unburnt bone fragments from the German transition camp.

Today I started cleaning finds from the large dump in the westernmost area of the camp. Very nice finds here too. I have a better camera now so I took a few pictures of a few items found during excavations in 2015.

 Luftwaffe visor cap eagle.

 German toothpaste tube.

 Bakelite container for the Gebirgsgeschütz 36.

 Lid from 1941.

 Container from 1939.

 Beer bottle caps.

Bottles and more bottles...

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