Wednesday, 18 January 2017

"Menneisyyden Metsästäjät" TV series revisited.

Today I decided it was time for another look at the TV-series "Menneisyyden Metsästäjät" and I actually watched all episodes all over again. My general opinion about the TV series didn´t change that  much but I found it unfortunate that the series deteriorated so much towards the end.

I would also have expected much more from the Porvoo episode (episode 7), where the amateur detectorists worked in close co-operation with the professional archaeologist from the National Board of Antiquities.

One of the detectorists taking a nap in episode 7.

In this episode the frustration of the detectorists, not being allowed to search in the areas they wanted to research, was almost embarassing to watch as at the same time archaeologists Satu Koivisto and Ville Rohiola did their best tofollow common archaeological practices during the search.

If there is a sequel to the series I hope the production team will learn from their mistakes. As a professional archaeologist in Finland I have done a lot of co-operation with metal detectorist technicians since the 1990´s and everything  has been running very smoothly. I hope that in the future the series shows more of this very successfull co-operation between professional archaeologists and detectorists.

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