Wednesday 11 January 2017

First episode of "Menneisyyden Metsästäjät" reality TV-series fetches over half a million viewers!

According to KHME the first episode of "Menneisyyden Metsästäjät" has been seen by over half a million viewers!! If this is true (I have no reason to doubt this) this is more than any other TV series about archaeology in this country!!

Photo YLE.

Despite my critical review of the series (I´m of course not part of the target group for the series) I congratulate the makers and the archaeologists who have been involved in the project. If this series results in a raised common awareness about archaeological sites in this country I´m very happy indeed.

In these harsh times when the scientific archaeological scene is faced with yearly budget cuts, co operation with amateur history teams such as KHME (and many others like it) is the only way to go. Hopefully in the end the raised interest of history and archaeology among the general public will lead to more money for scientific research in the future.

Just remember to follow the law, ethics and good practice if you decide to  follow the path of "Menneisyyden Metsästäjät" and... why not start studying archaeology if you are interested in history!

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