Friday 13 November 2015

Planned community archaeology digs in 2016!

A few community archaeology digs are already planned for 2016! No previous knowledge of archaeology or fieldwork is required! More info as things progress. The number of participants/day is limited. Letters of interest are most welcome  email !

Raseborg Malmkulla 16-22.5.2016.

Trial excavation of an early comb ceramic dwelling site (ca 3900 BC) near the town centre in Karis SW Finland. . Organizers are probably Karis Musei- och Hembygdsförening and Sällskapet Natura and possibly local shools and other local institutions.

Ka I:2 pottery of the same type found during the earlier small scale excavations of the Malmkulla site by archaeologist Anja Sarvas in 1979.

"Deutsches Lager Hanko" 27.6-17.7.2016.

Conflict archaeological excavation of the former German WWII transition camp in Hanko, Tulliniemi. Arranger Hangö Sommaruniversitet.

The excavation in Hanko is probably the largest community archaeology excavation in S Finland in 2016!

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