Tuesday 22 July 2014

JOKINIEMI 1994 - 2014

Twenty years ago I "closed the book" in Jokiniemi and now after 20 years it´s finally time to pick it up again and start a new chapter.

I feel so good. I´m very happy with my new team too. Director Mikko Myllykoski  from Heureka and his Science Center staff has done a great job along with Johanna and Riitta-Ilona from the University of Helsinki. The National Board of Antiquities and the city of Vantaa has been great to work with once again, all permits arrived early and this helped me a lot in the excavation planning process.

And then of course it´s time to thank the archaeology students especially Mr Olli E. who has shown great interest in the project from the beginning. I really hope You will find material for Your research in the multitude of stone-age items from the site. Ms Nelli-Johanna S.  will be in charge of the documentation and collecting and "bagging" the finds (... surely a busy week ahead), I wish You both good luck and a steady mind in your important work  :).

Finally I would like to thank ANGO r.y. the community archaeology  society which was founded in 1992 as a result of the previous excavations by Heureka on the site. Your long time experience of digging will now be transferred to new "diggers" and in a sense to a "new generation" of over 120 amateur archaeologists.

See You all soon!


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