Saturday 4 January 2020

Registration to the 2020 excavation in Elimäki starts in three days!!

Kouvolan Kansalaisopisto has announced that the registration for the 2020 excavation in Elimäki starts on January 7th at 9.30 am! There are 16 spots available for the excavation that runs from June 16th to June 18th 2020 so please act fast if you wish to paticipate!

The excavation was fully booked on January 7th 2020.

Early comb ceramic rimsherd from the 2019 trial excavation of the site. Photo Jan Fast.

This year we will continue the research of the Ruskiasuo stone-age dwelling site. The aim is to gain as much data as possible about this intriguing site to help preserve it for future generations. Last year the finds from the site showed that it had been inhabited both during the early comb ceramic and the corded ware culture period.

The stone-age dwelling site of Kouvola (Elimäki) Ruskiasuo. Photo Jan Fast. 

No previous experience of archaeology is needed in order to participate in the excavation. Children under 14 years of age can participate in the company of an adult.

Click here next Tuesday if you wish to register!

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