Sunday 6 May 2018

First fieldtrip of the 2018 excavation season!

Today it was time for the first fieldtrip this season in summery weather. We visited two neolithic sites in order to choose which of them is best suitable for a community archaeology dig in mid June 2018.

The stone-age dwelling  site of Vävarsbacka II in Porvoo.

It soon turned out that the first of the sites (Ilola) had been completely destroyed. The other site (Vävarsbacka II) proved to be in a much better state of preservation although it too had suffered by a gravel pit that had eaten away much of the center part of dwelling site. The excavations here start on June 7th.

Comb ceramic potsherd (Ka II:2) from the Vävarsbacka II site

The landowner at Ilola showed us a neolithic arowhead his late father had found in a flower bed near his house in Ilola. Sadly there was no way of telling where the soil in the flower bed was from.

Heart shaped neolithic arrowhead from Ilola.

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