Thursday 1 March 2018

WW2 conflict archaeology in Hanko 25.6-13.7.2018, secure your spot now!

Now is the time to reserve a spot at this year WW2 conflict archaeology excavations of "Durchgangslager Hangö" in Hanko S. Finland. We speak English, Finnish, Swedish and German at the excavation. The excavation will be on weekdays between June 25th and July 13th 2018.

You can find more information about the excavation here by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. Please remember that you can also contact Hangö Sommaruni via email

Participate in the "Deutsches Rotes Creuz" excavation on excavation week one (25-29.6.2018).

This years excavation will be the last community archaeology excavation of this interesting site. Last autumn we were able to locate three different areas, very rich in German WW2 finds. This years excavation will concentrate on those special areas (we will spend one week researching each area).

During the first excavation week there will be a very special excavation concentrating on the women of the German Red Cross("Deutsches Rotes Kreuz") who worked in the camp from 1942-1944. If you are interested in participating here you should secure your spot on the first excavation week (25-29.6.2018) as soon as possible! Part of week one and weeks two and three will concentrate on the finds left behind by German soldiers.

From the excavations in 2017.

Register and read more about the excavations here. See you in sunny Hanko!

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