Tuesday 21 November 2017

Join us in the research of stone-age Porvoo next summer! Registration starts January 2nd 2018!

Life in the stone-age. Illustration by Tom Björklund for Borgå Museum.

Thanks to the very active and friendly help from "Borgå Medborgarinstitut" me and archeologist MA Janne Soisalo are now entering the final stage of the preparations for next years community archaeology excavation in Porvoo, only some 50 km:s east of Helsinki. 

Hunting with bow and arrow. Illustration by Tom Björklund for Borgå Museum.

We have not yet decided on which site to start work on. The decision is an important one as we wish to continue the excavations in the area for many years. Excavating and careful mapping is crucial to protect the important stone-age sites for future research. 

A stone-age burial. Illustration by Tom Björklund for Borgå Museum.

A lecture for the participants and others with an interest in the rich stone-age history of the Porvoo region will be held in Porvoo on the 15th of May. The accompanying trial excavation of a stone-age dwelling site will be from the 8th to the 10th of June! No previous knowledge of archaeology is required in order to participate! Registration starts at 11 o´clock on the January 2nd 2018!!

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