Friday 27 October 2017

Filming our detecting and research of "Durchgangslager Hangö" for the You Tube channel "Terra Germania"

Two weeks ago we ventured on the last field trip of the 2017 excavation season. The main goal of the three days of hard work was to locate new potential areas for scientific archaeological excavations in 2018.
Hans filming our work.

The work was filmed for the You Tube channel "Terra Germania" by the skilled German metal detectorist Hans v. M. Hans and Lasse found two separate very interesting find areas for us to excavate in 2018. Please click on the link below to see Hans video from Hanko.

Two German "Erkennungsmarke"

We will be back on researching those spots as soon as the snow melts again here in Finland. Please check in here for regular updates if you wish to be part of our scientific research team in the spring and summer of 2018!

Hans and Lasse in Hanko.

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