Friday 19 May 2017

Here comes the summer!

Day two excavating the early Comb Ceramic dwelling site at Långåmossarna  with beautiful students from Ekenäs Gymnasium and Ms. Karin Tatsugawa from Hiroshima, Japan.

Ms. Tatsugawa shows off one of the many 6000-year old potsherds she found today.

The day started out warm and foggy but as soon as we started excavating the sun broke through the fog and we could excavate in wonderful summer weather (+22 degrees Celsius). As expected the finds started mounting up when we reached layer two.

The excavation area, approximately  in the middle of the picture at the edge of the gravel pit.

The students started by clearing of the remains of layer one, after which me and Tia documented the first excavation level with the help of history teacher Vilhelm Lindroos. The students who helped out with the cleaning of the excavation level were rewarded with Ice Cream :)

Excavation area level one. The smaller fire cracked stones are all from hearths destroyed by 
stone-age wave- and Ice erosion.

In 2017 we´re going after the eally small fragments of burnt bone (mostly fish). We have opened up a couple of smaller excavation areas for more closer inspection.

Archaeology student Tia (University of Helsinki) excavating the area of a refuse pit filled with small fragments of burnt bone.

Todays finds were mostly comprised of larger ornate potsherds, quartz and porphyry flakes and burnt bone.

Early comb ceramic pottery (4500-4300 BC)

Spring met summer today :)

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