Thursday 27 April 2017

Poetic Archaeology @ the 8th International Conference on Artistic Research

So looking forward to this presentation with Jan Martti Kaila on Saturday in Helsinki, Finland.


After years of hard work in Hanko it´s finally time to start communicating the results of our endeavours and our reseach to the general public and the scientific community.

The title of the session "Across the Disciplines" really sums it all up. In "Poetic Archaeology" Jan Martti Kaila, Japo Knuutila and I  are looking at the similarities (and boundaries) between photographic art, photographic reasearch and the conflict archaeology of a German WW2 transition camp in Hanko S. Finland.

Conflict archaeology excavation in progress.

Japo Knuutila has been of central importance to the project since the start. Below are some of his wonderful pictures of glass and porcellain objects from the excavations of the German WW2 (1942-1944) transition camp.

The cleaning of the items before photography was an interesting process in itself. During the several month long work of cleaning the excavation finds I  was extra careful not to "overclean" the fragile artefacts  thus leaving the patina and wear visible to the camera eye as well as future scientific chemical and other analysis of the finds.

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