Monday 6 March 2017

A few more cleaned finds from "Durchgangslager Hangö"

Today was a rather busy day, lots of finds and only a limited amount of time. I have decided to take it easy although at times it seems like handling all of the thousands finds is an impossible task. At the moment it seems that I will have all the finds cleaned by the end of this month.

Japo Knuutila from "Poetic Archaeology" kindly borrrowed me one of his cameras so now I can share better pictures of the finds with you here!

 German bakelite soapboxes, an aluminium mug and a container for condensed milk. The green mug is Sovjet pre 1941.

 Text "NORWAY" on the back of an aluminium Sardine can.

 Broken German shoepolish container with the text "Sonderklasse".

 Anther French item with markings BARDIN SAINT-DENIS


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