Sunday 9 October 2016

Pristine Corded Ware Culture dwelling site documented and excavated in a forest in Raseborg SW Finland

Things looked very good from the beginning when last May we made some  promising small scale trial excavations in an area well above the previously well excavated Early Comb Ceramic dwelling site at Långåmossarna in Raseborg SW Finland.

We had already found quartz flakes here in the 1990´s but as we thought that the finds were related to the early comb ceramic period we didn´t consider the area worth exploring earlier. Surprisingly the finds from the trial pits in May/June 2016 included  quartz flakes and potsherds attributable only to the Corded Ware culture.

Yesterday and today we extended the trial excavations and the results were overwhelming. Two hearths (both attributable only to the Corded Ware Culture) and structural settings maybe related to a building that once stood here.

Finding a well preserved neolithic site like this at this somewhat late time of my archaeological career is fantastic news. Next year me and archaeologist Janne Soisalo will probably continue work where we left off today. Can´t wait :)

The trial excavations were financed by "Karis Musei- och Hembygdsförening" and "Sällskapet Natura" both in Raseborg, Finland. I was accompanied by wonderful students from the University of Helsinki dpt of Archaeology and very skilled local history enthusiasts,

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