Wednesday 17 August 2016

Extremely interesting late iron age finds from Suomussalmi (NE Finland).

This must be one of the more intriguing finds this summer. Metal detectorist Petri Anttonen first found a late iron age axehead and today when another site he found was visited by archaeologists today even more items were recovered.

The first find, a large iron axe head, the find site of the axehead has not been documented yet.

The area is natural untouched forest by a lake. Even though the axehead was found directly underneath the topsoil there seems to be a small cairn like structure close to the find site too! According to Anttonen small bronze fragments were also recovered at the findspot.

A grave? What appears to be a viking age E-type spearhead.

The find site.

Congratulations for these magnificient finds and thanks for reporting them to the archaeologists!

A similar grave find like the one with the spearhead was reported last year. Below is a link to an article (in Finnish) about the previous find.

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