Tuesday 4 November 2014

Community Archaeology in Hanko WW2 conflict archaeology project dig in 2015

Thanks to funding from Sparbanksstiftelsen in Hanko the plans for trial excavations of the German WW2 transition and Ukrainian prisoner of war camp in Hanko S Finland will come true next year. The excavations will take place in may/june 2015 and will involve local schools (Hankoniemen Lukio and Hangö Gymnasium) as well as up to 20 enthusiasts in the field of WW2 conflict archaeology.

I will be looking for additional funding for the project this month but it feels good to have this part of the project to look forward to already :). Letters of interest are most welcome if you would like to participate in the project! Send an email to joneij@gmail.com 

Soldiers on the march through the camp area (1943?).

 Now and then...

A few of the barracks are still standing the test of time (barrack of Wehrmaht Betriebstoff Kolonne)

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