Thursday, 9 October 2014

Planned community archaeology in S Finland 2015 (JFArchaeology)

Field course "Metal Detecting and Archaeological Surveying"

8-.9.5.2015 in Karis (Raseborg, SW Finland) in association with Karis Musei- och Hembygdsförening and Sällskapet Natura.

Archaeological excavation and field course "Graves and Grave Cult in the Neolithic"

22-28.5.2015 in Karis (Raseborg, SW Finland) in association with Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium, Ekenäs Gymnasium, Karis Musei- och hembygdsförening and Sällskapet Natura.

Trial excavation "WW2 1941-1944 Conflict Archaeology"

Late may 2015. One week of WW2 conflict archaeology of the German transito camp, the site of  a "Lotta Svärd" cantine and an Ukrainan  pisoner of war camp with Hankoniemen lukio and Hangö Gymnasium.

Archaeological excavation "Vantaa Jokiniemi 2015" 

22.6-12.7.2015 Community archaeology excavation of a magnificient central neolithic dwelling site in the larger Helsinki region. Organized by HEUREKA the Finnish Science Centre participation is limited to 25 persons/day. Registration is to start shortly, more info here soon.

Trial excavation and documentation project "Kimito Telegrafberget 1854" 

July 2015. Site of an optical telegraph station from the Crimean war in association with the Museum of Sagalund and Hembygdsforskarna i Kimitobygden". Possibly also an archaeological excavation in Västanfjärd.

More to come soon :)

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