Tuesday 17 December 2013

Drawing excavation maps

The maps from the excavation at Långåmossarna are almost done as is the full excavation report. Now I only need to sort the finds one more time and draw the archive numbers on them before delivering them to the archives of the National Board of Antiquities before the end of 2013.

 Todays work .

Map showing the excavation areas from 1993-1994 (1992 not added yet).

I visited Långåmossarna a couple of weeks ago and took this picture of what could be next years rescue excavation project (this time apparently with Karis Billnäs Gymnasium). Another large refuse pit seems to be slowly eroding into the gravel pit. The number of these large features now number five on this rather small site. The finds  near the location of the feature included early comb ceramic potsherds and a rather large amount of burnt bone (seal).

Another eroding refuse pit in the center of the picture.  

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