Tuesday, 3 September 2013

First corded ware grave found in Estonia (Narva region) since 1948

A corded ware culture double burial was found in july during excavations in Narva Estonia. The finds from the grave consisted of three ceramic vessels (one of them was an amphorae), two battle axes, an adze an amber pendant. Sadly the only sign of the deceased were the teeth of the other individual. 

The excavation was supervised by professor Aivar Kriiska and members of the Finnish based amateur archaeology society ANGO ry participated in the dig for two weeks. The excavations of this promising site will continue next year.

Battleaxe and ceramic vessel from the Narva corded ware culture grave

Ceramic vessel 1 (from the trial pit). 

 Axe from the trial pit (oikokirves)

Video here:

Article here (in estonian):

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