Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Deutsches Lager Hanko day two (1.9)

Another great day with a multitude of different fnds illustrating the daily activities of the German WW2 transition camp. The many different types of finds occasionally makes the site very difficult to excavate.

Cans and buckets litter the WW2 dump area.

Among the food cans we found aa awesome  range of personal and other artefacts including many paper items.

A package of "Juno Zigarretten"

The finds included leather items, wine- ink- and other bottles, different types of bakelite items as well as combs, mirror fragments, land pins and luggage tags and even a large candle holder from a Christmas tree.

"Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin"

 Christmas tree candle holder!

Wine bottle coming up :)

The weather report for tomorrow suggests it will be a rainy day. Because of the many paper items in the soil digging in the rain is not an option. 

Surprisingly large amounts  of 70-year old paper stuff has been found during the excavations :)

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