Monday, 31 August 2015

Deutsches Lager Hanko day one (31.8)

The dig started off in perfect summer weather, the sea was totally calm too. Today was quite a short day were we only concentrated on the excavation area from june, making sure it was dug to the bottom.

Brushing finds "in situ".

I was slightly surprised in the amount of finds though the layers were clean yellow sand. Some 12 + food cans a couple of bottles and beer capsules were among the more frequent finds.

Food ration cans.

We also found some smoking utensils such as a German cigarrette box (Echt Orient) and even one cigarrette. Seems like the sandy soil has helped preserve paper items.. A mirror and a comb were the only finds associated with personal hygiene today.

 Lemonade bottle.

Todays "Reichspfennig" coins were from 1940 and 1941...

 10 Reichspfennig (1940)

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