Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The rain came pouring down over "Deutsches Lager Hanko"

But we managed to do some 6 hours of intense fieldwork despite of the wind and the rain.

Autumn weather in DL Hanko today. Photo Yle.

Many interesting items of both military and civilian nature today although I can only post a few here because of having most of them securely packed down in plastic bags in the fridge (awaiting conservation).

(Me myself and I) documenting the excvation process.Photo by J. Knuuttila.

A few of todays finds! A Gebirgsjäger aluminium tent peg, Ink bottles, a  brass kettle, fork and spoon etc etc..

Todays finds also included several plastic German moisture lenses for the Gasmask (1940) along with beautifully preserved Ink- and (Mouson) perfume bottles...

Along with Ink- and Mouson perfume bottles

 Mouson Haut 0,1 l.

Because of the bad weather we won´t be able to excavate tomorrow but the dig will continue in october. Please join us then!

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