Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The start of the stone-age excavation in Porvoo is only a couple of days away!

During the past two days we have been preoccupied with the final preparations for the community archaeology excavation in Porvoo (Vävarsbacka II). At the moment everything seems set to go!

My colleague, archaeologist Janne Soisalo (left) inspecting the site with the landowner.

In all some 30 people will be participating in the excavations. The participants will be excavating in two separate groups so the average amount of participants will be around 15 people/day. The main emphasis of the excavation is to excavate the edge of the gravel pit in order to prevent further deterioration of the site by erosion.

The edge of the gravel pit at Vävarsbacka is eroding and revealing more and more stone-age finds.

During our visits to the site it has become obvious that this will be a very exciting excavation indeed. We will probably be confronted with stone age finds immediately at the start of the dig, probably already in the first ten minutes of day one. The adventure is about to begin, follow us here for frequent updates.

Protected cultural heritage sites in Porvoo and surrounding areas.

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