Saturday, 12 December 2020

Practicing our social media skills prior to the 2021 field season

In my younger years in the late 1970´s and way before I knew anything about archaeology I was a punkrocker. So a couple of days ago I got an idea for a new logo that would resonate my past ;)

JFArchaeology will be conducting many community archaeology excavations during the upcoming (2021) field season. Next year we will be trying out several new approaches when communicating our research over social media and winter is a good time to practise these skills.

One thing I´m very interested in is getting pictures of finds as they come out of the ground and live videos fom the digs distributed over the internet. Let´s hope we get funding for this during the upcoming months. 

If you have similar interests or would like to help us out with this please contact us via email at

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