Thursday, 19 November 2020

Fresh pictures from the newly found stone-age dwelling site in Espoo!

Today both archaeologist Janne Soisalo and the finder had an opportunity to visit the newly found stone-age dwelling site in Leppävaara Espoo (S. Finland). During the early comb ceramic period the dwelling site was situated on a small level cape close to the seashore. Due to the land uplift the area were the finds where located is now approximately 25-30 m:s above sea level. The area was also suitable for habitation during the corded ware culture.

The sea level 7000 years ago. The approximate location of the newly found dwelling site is marked in red. Map by courtesy of Espoo City Museum.

Sadly the site has been badly damaged by a ski track but we remain cautiously optimistic that at least the uppermost part of it might still contain some information about when people used  the site.

Panoramic picture of the scarred site. Photo Jemina Rajamäki 19.11.2020.

In order to asssess the status of this intriguing site a trial excavation of the site will be arranged in August 2021. Registration to this will begin shortly.

Wiew towards North (the site is to the right). Photo Jemina Rajamäki 19.11.2020.

                            Wiew towards the south (the site is to the left). Photo Jemina Rajamäki 19.11.2020.

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