Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Return to "Durchgangslager Hanko" 22-23.8.2018.

This time with a group of enthusiastic students from "Hangö Gymnasium". Despite the sun there was definitely a feel of autumn in the air.

Excavation in progress on one of the many dump sites of the WW2 transition camp.

Despite the rather short excavation time we managed to open up a new excavation area (an extension of excavation area two in the "Ukrainerlager" area of the camp. Nice finds here directly beneath the topsoil. Many small finds (coins etc.) were collected while sieving the dug soil.

Students from Hangö Gymnasium sieving layer one.

An IMCO "trench lighter"

Among the more traditional  finds of food ration cans an other camp debris there were many small finds like this clock winding key and the back plate to a pocket watch.

Among the bakelite and plastic artefacts were parts of soapboxes, a bakelite lid to an OSRAM spare light bulb container and many other small but interesting (still unidentified) finds.

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