Saturday, 30 December 2017

Stone-age dwelling sites found in Raseborg!

No snow here in S. Finland at the moment, so next week (on Wednesday) me, archaeologist Janne Soisalo and archaeology student Teemu Väisänen will inspect and document newly found stone-age dwelling sites in Raseborg!

It´s high time to take a look at the forested areas in search of new undisturbed stone-age sites! Photo co Mikko Sorsa.

All of the sites have yielded finds of pottery (early comb ceramic and typical comb ceramic period), as well as quartz- and slate flakes from the Mesolithic stone-age. The find sites are located in previously forested areas that have been cleared by the forest industry during 2016-2017.

A stone age rock painting was found in Raseborg in 2017!

The new  finds and the inspections are a result of more targeted co-operation between amateur archaeologists and metal detectorists in the region. As an archaeologist I´m also proud of the co-operation with the National Board of Antiquities Päivi Maaranen and Teija Tiitinen.

With these great news I would like to wish a Happy New Year 2018 to all of You!


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