Sunday, 11 October 2015

Final day of the 2015 field season, thanks

to the ever so changing Finnish summer weather. I will post an overview of this fantastic field season in the next couple of days.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who participated in my digs (there were 222 of You in all). Hope to see you all again in 2016!

Thanks to all the devoted archaeology students from Helsinki University dpt of archaeology. Olli, Nelli, Janne, Anu and Jimena <3. Not forgetting Max, Enni and Tuomas. Swedish archaeologist Anders Wikström helped me out while things looked bad with my foot in Hanko in  june.

Thank You to all the arrangers. Heureka, Uniarts, Karis Musei- och Hembygdsförening, Sällskapet Natura, Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium, Ekenäs Gymnasium, Kimito Vuxeninstitut, Hangö Gymnasium and  Hankoniemen Lukio.

Thanks to the NBA (especially Teija and Satu). Thank you City of Vantaa, Kimitoön, Raseborg and Hanko. Vantaa City Museum (Andreas Koivisto) and Hanko Museum (Laura Lotta Andersson).

Thanks for the much needed financial support to Sparbanksstiftelsen i Hangö, Vetenskapsådet (Sweden), Svenska Kulturfonden and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.

Finally a big thanks to my sponsor Leica Geosystems for helping me out in Jokiniemi. Looking forward to 2016 already.

Best from Jan&Jan and Japo.

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