Friday, 21 March 2014

Creativity and hard times

I have always felt that creativity in poetry and music often springs from difficult times rather than times of "easy living". The same can in my opinion also be said about archaeology and creative new ideas regarding archaeological research.

After my graduation I have been intensively looking for work in museums etc. but without any success. The negative experiences have however not made me loose hope about my choice of profession but instead sparked an enormous amount of energy when it comes to generating new research ideas and networking with brilliant new people around these projects. Money is very short yes, but I have not felt this much alive and happy in many years (in fact since 1990).

I seriously doubt I would ever have had any of these ideas or met these fantastic persons if working in a secure nine to five profession. Always look at the bright side of life and keep listening to the Ramones :).

Since 1976

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